The Lightframe Co. is a digital product studio with expertise in web, mobile and experiential projects and a specialty in volumetric video. In partnership with Microsoft, we brought next-generation video production capability to NYC, hosting the Mixed Reality Capture Studio pop-up. The highest quality three-dimensional performance capture in the world, this technology ushers in an entirely new class of media and enables breakthrough new experiences.

With deep expertise in volumetric production and a track record of delivering award-winning projects, we help clients make an impact across media, entertainment, education, training, retail and beyond. 

As pioneers in the emerging volumetric video market, we are constantly on the lookout for systemic problems to solve and the new business opportunities these problems present. One problem worth solving that became readily apparent; distribution. Where can brands share volumetric content as easily as traditional video is shared today?
The power of volumetric video cannot be understated. It is engaging, it is sticky and it is transformative. It also has not been discovered by the vast majority of the world in a meaningful way. As we looked to uncover why a new question emerged. How might we make volumetric go viral?

We have seen bright spots and have witnessed the impact of volumetric video firsthand through hundreds of capture sessions and demonstrations. It is not a question of if, but when. Our world is 3D. Now our ability to communicate ideas and preserve memories can be too.