A Fine Virtual Reality Company. That is what AFVR.co was. Building on the learnings gleaned during my time leading Viacom NEXT, we sought to create a viable platform for our favorite immersive music experiences. Founded in early 2018, we believed that the best VR content existed at the intersection of gaming and film. While the language of storytelling in this new medium was still taking form, music provided a shortcut that allowed directors to be abstract, experiment and let the audience fill in the gaps. Sometimes, we just need cats and champagne.

Having collaborated with some amazing independent creators and witnessed the impact of their work, it was clear that there was a gap in the market for non-gaming content. The challenge, how do we monetize high quality, short-form immersive content when consumers have been trained to expect it for free? We had experimented with selling experiences a la carte and knew there must be a better model. Gamers were the largest segment of the addressable audience and they expected longer content with more replay value if they were being asked to pay.

With a limited library of content, a subscription model would not work out of the gate. Might we amplify this small but powerful collection by making it part of a dynamic, real-time, interactive multiplayer show? Free to join, an appointment viewing daily event with a live host supported by brand marketing and a virtual merchandise marketplace. Available on mobile to achieve the reach necessary to be viable for sponsors. A place that could serve as the center of gravity for immersive music. 

Armed with this vision we analyzed the market and the competitive landscape, developing a roadmap to bring this concept into the world. We auditioned prospective hosts from the local improv community as we drove towards an MVP to gather learnings from customers and demonstrate value to investors. Ultimately, we ran out of runway to realize our vision. VR hardware sales were sluggish and the investor community had already placed their bets in the space.
Pivoting to a consulting model, we engaged with clients to realize our collective vision. How might we help a new artist break through in a world where music has become commoditized? An immersive mixed-reality rock odyssey that reenvisioned the live concert experience.

How might we help a startup activate mobile AR users in real-world locations? A framework for designing emergent, scalable, multi guest, sequential, geo-specific experiences. In other words, a story engine.

How might we unlock the highest quality volumetric video production in NYC? The Lightframe Co.